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Portrait Artists Studio-Drawing Materials by Cynthia Hargraves .  In this series of blogs I will be showing photos of my studio and sharing some of my methods of storing my art supplies so I have easy access to my portrait art materials when I need them for art commission portrait painting or drawing in oils, pastels, charcoal or pencil work.

I produce custom commissioned portraits in many art painting and drawing mediums which can be viewed on Portrait Painting Gallery  or Painting Gallery featuring Landscapes, Flowers.

Cynthia Hargraves Portrait Artists Studio – Art Material Organisation-Drawing /Pencil Drawing /Charcoal drawing

In this video you can view my layout of materials. There are about 8 easels all used at once to stand back and view work in progress. Portrait Paintings and Drawings stations are located at different areas of the studio while art reference books are not viewed in this video. Most of my completed work is posted in Postal Tubes. I will go into further detail with the storage of the art materials

  • Storage of Drawing paper -glassine, sketch paper, coloured pencil paper, Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper, Watercolour Paper
  • The Rotating Drawing Colour Pencil Stand is used in mixed media. These pencils are oil and wax types and are used in mixed media portrait art.
  • Pastel Pencils are mostly kept in Pastel workstation area but are used in Mixed Media as well.

Drawing Portrait Paper used in Artists Studio-Cynthia Hargraves

Portrait Drawing paper storage

  •  Fixatives, art brush supplies, disposable gloves,camera are kept on top of this unit.
  • Top drawer houses Glassine paper, sketch paper. Next draw is Canson and Charcoal Paper
  • Dark coloured colourfix Art Spectrum and Light coloured colourfix Art Spectrum Paper are in the next two draws followed by Watercolour paper in bottom draw.

Cynthia Hargraves – Rotating Drawing Colour Pencil Stand

In this Vertical Rotating Drawing Pencil Stand I was able to house Oil and Wax Pencils in various brands such as Hobein, Prismacolor, Rembrant, Caran D’ache Luminance, Faber Castell and Schpirerr Farben . My husband designed and created it and it is a blessing. It does not matter how large or small a studio is art storage units in a vertical position is ideal. This is also on castors.  There was no room for my pastel, graphite or charcoal pencils.

Drawing pencil accessories
Secondhand Baby’s Changing Table
Drawing Pencil Stand - Cynthia Hargraves
Drawer under an easel for Drawing Pencil accessories







Portrait Artists Charcoal Drawing Studio Materials-Cynthia Hargraves

Pencil Grading Carrier
Pencil Grading Carrier

The Drawing storage and organisation of Graphite Pencils, Charcoal Pencils, Graphite and Charcoal Powder sit in a different section of the studio. They have a separate shelf. Originally I had my graphite pencils sitting in different labelled jars but then the old dishwasher died and needed replacing. That provided this handy cutlery carrier for my Faber Castell Graphite pencils, erasers, pastel pencils, charcoal etc. Pastel pencils of the far side are basic sepia tones that I use from time to time. Also a blending Plbrush. Kneadable erasers and pencil erasers and a stanley knife.

When it comes to drawing while travelling I always like to keep this travel roll ready with my emergency pencil and charcoal  grading and erasers. This is a mixture of my favourite pencils. Below is my portable pencil and charcoal drawing kit and drawers that I can further grade my pencils, charcoals. Graphite and Charcoal Powder is also used. I prefer a table top Derwent Sharpener for sharpening pencils.

Please visit to view examples of

Graphite pencil and charcoal mobile roll

Grading storage of pencils and charcoalsPlease share your ideas with me on drawing material storage ideas. I would love to hear these. There is so many great products out on the market at the moment.

In my next article I will be covering the storage ideas for Pastels and Oil Paints.


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